Amazon orders second season of Lord of the Rings


Amazon has been developing a prequel TV series to Lord of the Rings for a long time now. We still know very little about it, but we gained one bit of insight this week. Deadline reports that Amazon has decided to go ahead and order a second season of the show in addition to the first. Ultimately, this will result in a short gap in time between the releases of the first and second seasons.

The show is still in pre-production. When it goes into filming, Amazon will shoot the first couple of episodes and then take a break to evaluate their work. They will make any necessary adjustments, and then they will film the rest of season 1 and all of season 2 in one go. 

I am apprehensive about this series. I absolutely adore the works of Tolkien. As a young kid, my father would tell me the tale of The Hobbit as a bedtime story. I’ve read the books. I love the extended cuts of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings adaptation, but I dislike his Hobbit films. In my opinion, we have a 50% success rate with live action adaptations of the series. Time will tell if Amazon’s unlimited resources can produce something that lives up to Tolkien’s masterwork.

No release date has been given for either season at this time.

‘The Lord Of the Rings’ Series Gets Early Season 2 Renewal By Amazon, Sets Season 1 Hiatus [Deadline]