Amazon Prime members can see Aquaman a week early in theaters


Amazon is always looking to promote their Prime Video and shopping services, so today’s news comes as no surprise. Amazon has struck a deal to show Aquaman a week early in theaters for members of their Prime subscription program. The shopping conglomerate has once again rallied the efforts of theater chains such as Regal and AMC to air the movie early, as they did in 2017 for the latest Jumani movie. Prime members can head to the theaters starting on December 15 to catch this slippery little movie early.

It’s strange that Amazon strikes these kinds of early-viewing bargains with retail chains. Prime members don’t want to leave their houses. That’s why they have Prime, y’all. Whatever. Bezos can do whatever he wants with his infinite amount of money. 

For all us normies, Aquaman hits theaters December 21. 

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