Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series will focus on young Aragorn


A tweet from the trusted and fan vetted @TheOneRingNet yesterday revealed that they had discovered through multiple sources that the upcoming Amazon Lord of the Rings series first season would focus on Aragorn before the events of the Fellowship of the Ring. Amazon hasn’t made any statement denying or supporting these claims so no word on if it’s 100% true but it does look to be pretty credible.

The going rumor before this was that the series would focus on the War for the Ring, which would explain why the series will cost over a billion dollars to produce, but with this news, I wonder how much of that money is going towards licensing and how much else is going to production. The wording of “first season” has me suspecting that each season will be focusing on a different character each season which could be nice to see an expansion on the major players but there is also some enjoyment out of not having every character have their full biography laid out for you. ahem Solo ahock. Excuse me, had something in my throat.

The untitled series will be canon as Amazon bought the rights to Tolkien’s work fully in compliance with the Tolkien Estate and there is an ongoing rumor that Peter Jackson will be involved in some way but none of this stuff is set in stone yet.

As a fan of the movies and someone who was never able to get my ADHD in line enough to read through the entire series of books, I am interested to see more of an expansion on the characters that are presented in the appendix of the books. The folks at who are much bigger fans than I, go deep into theories about what the new series could entail in a series of tweets that start below.

Curious to hear from some of the bigger Tolkien fans on the site, does this tickle your fancy or fill your bosom with rage? What would you like to see the show cover? Will Evangeline Lilly ruin yet another show with massive potential?

Anthony Marzano
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