Amazon’s The Tick gets a season one part two trailer

The Tick - Teaser Trailer: The Tick Returns February 2018 | Prime Video

It took a long while, but after the unique and funny pilot for The Tick that Amazon studies made they first season came… and then quickly went because it was only half a season. While the first set of episodes had a definitive story arch (and thankfully revamped the Tick’s costume) they were over way to quickly to really get a good grasp on the show. Now we have the first trailer for part two of the first season, which will land on February 23 (happy birthday to me).

If the show can carry on in its tone it’s going to be great. One of the best parts about this new take is that it feels a bit more real than the more comic book themed previous incarnations. Yes, it’s the Tick talking like the Tick and doing Tick things, but there’s a darker edge to the show that really makes it something interesting. It also makes it one of the few shows I watch on Amazon. So good for it on all counts.

Matthew Razak
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