Amazon’s The Tick reboot to be darker and more grounded


With news that Amazon was going to be bringing The Tick back to television I got very excited. The original comic and cartoon were two of my favorite things in the world growing up for their oddball comedy and general goofiness, but creator Ben Edlund says the new Amazon series may not be quite as quirky. In speaking with EW about relaunching the series he makes it sound like there will be a harder edge to the comedy this time around.

“We’ve got this show about superheroes [where] we get to have fun with the idea of superheroes by starting with kind of a comedic parody of [an] event-oriented-like universe. It will be darker and more grounded. And it’s going to have a real story, a real hero’s myth. We’re the ones that get to have fun with it and that’s kind of the situation where right now that’s an open field in this area of entertainment.”

It sounds like they’ll updating The Tick into the current world of superhero films and television. That can be both good an bad. The Tick was always about mocking superhero norms and so a show should be parodying what’s currently going on. Hiding beneath the cartoon and comic there was always a dark edge. On the other hand I hope this doesn’t mean an abandonment of the kind of comedy that made The Tick work. I’d hate to see him brooding like Superman

Matthew Razak
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