Amazon Video bets big with the Dark Tower series


Netflix led the way in streaming, and Amazon followed. 

Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is regarded as a masterpiece in writing and storytelling. The Dark Tower movie is generally regarded as a dumpster fire. There’s a nice, wide spectrum for the upcoming TV show to fall into, so fingers crossed it leans towards the former and not the latter. 

Amazon has obtained the rights to the show in its continuing attempt to bolster its streaming service. They already have a Lord of the Rings project in the works and have also acquired the rights to Culture, Discworld, and Snowcrash. Amazon is betting big as they turn towards the book series in hopes of making a larger impact within the streaming industry. In 2017, the marketplace giant had nearly forty million video subscribers worldwide, while Netflix nearly tripled that number with 118 million.

While the idea of a Dark Tower movie seemed solid in theory, it obviously didn’t pan out. And while rumors of a television series have been floating for years, the thought of transitioning a story as intricate as Roland’s to the small screen seemed like a monumental–and expensive–task. Then HBO shoveled Scrooge McDuck money into Game of Thrones and suddenly that task seems less daunting. 

At this time there’s no additional info as to when we might actually get the first episode or who will be starring in it, but if Amazon is willing to put in the time–and more specifically, the money–they have a Gunslinger’s shot at creating something truly wonderful. 

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Nick Hershey