Amber Heard as Mera still can’t get us excited for Aquaman


It’s hard to get excited for Aquaman because… well… it’s Aquaman. Plus, it’s the DCU, which so far has given us no reason to put any faith in it. However, this new image of Amber Heard as Mera gives us a little hope that something is going to change: there may actually be color in this movie! While the image is just a set photo, so no coloring has been done yet, it does hint a brighter look.

So far the entire DCU has been a muted, gray, pile of dullness. Colors that are vibrant and lively in the comics, like Superman’s costume, have the color sucked out of them to the point that it almost seems sepia. Even Wonder Woman seems to exist in a world devoid of brightness.

Most likely this vibrant emerald green, and contrasting red hair, will be destroyed in post-production so even if James Wan delivers us a compelling film it will still look like someone forgot to turn the brightness up on the movie screen. 

Matthew Razak
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