AMC and Regal halt Iron Man 3 sales


The two big movie theater chains, AMC and Regal, have halted the advance ticket sales of Iron Man 3 due to a dispute with Disney. The argument is specifically about how the box office revenue will be split.

According to /Film, Disney was seeking to renegotiate its terms with both chains. The new deal was going to be giving the studio a much larger proportion of the box office sales for Iron Man 3 and some other upcoming releases. AMC CEO Gerry Lopez has remarked with, “It goes well beyond anything I have seen in my time in the industry. It’s enough for us to pause and push back.”

What may come out of this is Iron Man 3 not playing at any of AMC and Regal’s combined 800+ movie theaters around the country. Missing out on opening weekend box office sales would be bad for both movie theater chains and Disney. Especially since Iron Man 3 is projected to earn an upwards of $100 million opening weekend.

[via SlashFilm]