AMC to charge 15 cents a ticket on opening day


In a drastic move to get patrons back into theaters, AMC Theatres has announced that its ticket prices will be 15 cents on opening day. With the coronavirus pandemic having wreaked havoc on the chain, the company is pulling out all of the stops so that the insane among us will come to watch movies.

On August 20, 100 locations will open and offer the cut down rate for a single day. The price is actually a callback to when AMC Theatres opened over 100 years ago. Prices were 15 cents in 1920 and I guess this cheeky reminder of a less commercialized time is supposed to strike a chord with folks that weren’t even alive then.

If you happen to belong to AMC’s subscription program (AMC Stubs A-List), you’ll also receive a $10 credit to use by the end of October. For the price of $25 a month, you can see three films for free and get discounts on concessions. AMC has promised not to raise the price of subscriptions until June 2021 at the very least, so it’s dedicated to getting your cash.

The obvious reason for this cheap entrance fee is that AMC is trying to rebuild itself after a harsh year. With Christopher Nolan’s Tenet likely to be a big draw in September, AMC needs to do something to get people interested in coming back to theaters. I don’t think 15 cent tickets is a good enough reason to risk dying, but I also don’t exactly care about the theater-going experience.

Source: Variety

Peter Glagowski
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