AMC stock on the up after Amazon expresses interest


Movie theaters shuttered by the COVID-19 pandemic are entering potentially-dangerous periods of downtime. With studio releases being delayed left and right, and a reopening seemingly without a definite date, AMC theaters have been hit hard.

The national chain’s stock began to dip significantly towards the end of April, with a vague notion of reopening hinging upon key blockbuster releases from Disney and Warner Bros., which seems even less-likely now.

With the situation dire, it’s now rumors of Amazon’s interest in acquiring the theater chain that have spurred a resurgence in AMC stock. Quite a large one, with shares rising 40% as of Monday morning trading.

While the stock market is a fickle beast, basic numbers such as these are indicative of Amazon’s weight in the global economy, as well as the potential saving (or damning…) power the company has in the future of American cinemas.

It certainly leaves a lot of good and bad possibilities, but we’ll simply have to wait and see how things pan out.

AMC Entertainment Shares Spike On Unconfirmed Report That Amazon Is Circling [Deadline]