American Hustle gets all up in the 70s in first trailer

American Hustle Trailer

David O. Russell is back and this time the movie looks a bit more interesting than his overrated Silver Linings Playbook. This is definitely the O. Russel that I recognize, with plenty of drama, style and personality crammed into a trailer that tells us almost nothing about the plot and capitalizes entirely on the visuals (mostly in the form of scantily clad Jennifer Lawerence and Amy Adams).

The plot, by the way, is about to con men who is forced into a sting operation by the FBI. We’re sure everything goes according to plan.

What’s really going to be stellar about the film is Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale (almost recognizable) going toe to toe with each other. We’re definitely going to be getting at least one Oscar worth performance out of this movie. 

Matthew Razak
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