American Psycho is getting a remake. Seriously.


There are unnecessary remakes and then there are remakes that have literally no reason to exist. This one falls into the latter category. For some reason, some idiot over at Lionsgate has decided that the world needs a remake of American Psycho. I know it’s become a terrible trend to remake recently released foreign films, but come on, this is an English language film that’s only 11 years old. It’s not like there are bad special effects or something that could warrant some modern day updating. There’s actually nothing there. 

Look, I know that American Psycho II: All American Girl was a thing, so there’s some precedent to the exploitation of the property, but come on. The film is reportedly being made on a “micro-budget” and is being written/directed by Noble Jones, known for directing a Grammy-nominated documentary about the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. The film with be bringing Patrick Bateman into the 21st Century (he missed it by a year last time around), but it won’t be bringing Christian Bale with it… and seriously, what’s the point? The only reason that American Psycho worked at all was because of Bale’s absolutely incredible performance (also the Sarah Lawrence College joke, which was hilarious).

By slapping the American Psycho name onto this movie, the lead actor is doomed to fail, and the movie will fail because of it. This remake stuff is getting absolutely ridiculous. If things keep up we’ll be seeing studios attempting remakes of Drive, Bellflower, and Shame within the next few years because the well of old, foreign films to plunder will have dried up. 

This whole thing is as insane as Patrick Bateman. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch American Psycho again. The original. The only one worth thinking about.

[Via IndieWire]