American Reunion reunites in photobooth


Someone over on the American Reunion set got their hands on a digital camera and some low-grade film editing software because now we have this nostalgia-rific slideshow of images of the cast hamming it up. It’s full of nostalgia for plenty of reasons. The first, of course, being these guys together is straight from many of our teenage years. The second being the song is awesome. And the third being that slideshows like this one are something you would have put together in high school.

People also released a photo of the cast acting like they were taking a high school photo, which shows everyone happy and smiling. The story also reveals that everyone was really friendly on set, though I have got to think its awkward around Tara Reid who turned into such a train wreck. Then again maybe they can’t get too near her since her massive fakes boobs are in the way.

[via People]

Matthew Razak
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