Amy Adams is Zack Snyder’s Lois Lane


Not my first choice, but I can run with it. Amy Adams is officially playing Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s 2012 Superman: The Man of Steel. This comes after a long casting list, including such actresses as Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, and literally every other attractive female actress ever. For the five of you that are still unfamiliar with Superman, Lois is Superman/Clark Kent’s co-worker at the Daily Planet, and the chief love in Superman’s life. She’s a spunky, go-to-hell old school reporter.

It’s hard for me to imagine another Lois Lane, after Margot Kidder played her so perfectly in the Donner Supermans, and especially after Kate Bosworth played her so horribly in Superman Returns. Amy Adams is as great an actress as you can get these days, having been nominated three times for an Oscar. I can’t say she’s my first choice, or someone I seriously considered for the role at all, but I have faith. What’s odd, to me, is the range of ages Snyder’s got going here. With this casting, we have a Lois that’s nine years Superman’s senior, and a Mom and Dad that, if they were his natural parents, had him at ages eighteen and twenty-eight. So there’s a lot of disparate ages going on here. But this is realistic Superman here. And from Zack Snyder, no less. Who wants odds on Lois being strong, yet exceptionally vulnerable, ridiculously made-up, and possibly raped?

[Via LA Times]