An Adams Family themed IHOP menu is coming this Halloween


Halloween is just a month away and IHOP is at it again with another seasonal menu, this time featuring some spooky looking items. It is taking its inspiration this time not from The Grinch, like they did with that menu, but from The Adams Family. The new animated film, The Adams Family Halloween is set to premiere on October 11, so this is a nice little tie- in for that.

So just what will interested diners be able to try this Halloween? Well, they are offering up Wednesday’s Web Cakes, basically pancakes with cupcake icing featuring a web design using Hershey’s chocolate syrup. To finish it off we have purple whipped cream. You can check out all the food photos in the gallery attached to this post.

We’ve also got Gomez’s Green Chili Omelette. That is made with marinated pulled pork, two kinds of cheese (jack and cheddar), fire-roasted peppers and onions with some green chili Verde sauce. They add a dollop of sour cream to this packed beast of an omelet. Eat at your own risk!

Now you don’t want to be thirsty while enjoying these items so of course we have some Adams Family themed drinks too. That includes Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Shake and Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate. All that makes these drinks “spooky” is the purple whipped cream.

You can try out all of these if you dare until November 3 at your local IHOP. Lots of time to sample them as well as check out the new animated film. Let us know your thoughts on this latest move-tie in with IHOP.

IHOP’s Addams Family-Themed Halloween Menu Has Everything You Need For A Halloween Feast []


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