An animated Indiana Jones fan film is coming out September 29th


Well, this is totally out of the blue. Artist Patrick Schoenmaker has been working on an Indiana Jones animated film for the last five years, and it will be coming out online at the end of the month. According to /Film, Schoenmaker began this project when Lucasfilm and ACME Archives commissioned him to create original art envisioning Indiana Jones as an animated character.

The animated film is called The Adventures of Indiana Jones, and will be available on Schoenmaker’s website.

Since this is unofficial, I wonder if Lucasfilm/Disney will somehow put the kibosh on this project. As noted on Consequence of Sound, the fan web series X-Men: Danger Room Protocols was nixed after Marvel got wind of it. I suppose we’ll find out as September 29th draws closer.

Check out some of Schoenmaker’s Indiana Jones artwork in the gallery.

[via /Film, Consequence of Sound]

Hubert Vigilla
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