An X-rated even more violent cut of the original Robocop is streaming on Amazon right now


The original Robocop was a gut punch of violence to little baby Kyle, when I first saw it as part of an all-night marathon of the Robocop trilogy. The scene of officer Murphy being gunned down haunted and stuck with me to this day. It was one of the first scenes of violence so graphic that I had ever experienced.

The movie was apparently supposed to be a hell of a lot more violent, and now you can see that exact cut on Amazon Prime! This is exciting news, but this cut of the movie isn’t as rare as some others are making it out to be. The unrated director’s cut blu-ray of the film has the same footage and costs about $7.00.

Amazon has the movie listed as R-rated, but multiple internet resources have made it clear that this is the unrated cut, which makes sense, since the streaming version is in the same listing as the unrated version on Amazon’s store page.

I’ve only ever seen Robocop on VHS, so I for one am excited to be left shocked and aghast by Murphy’s even longer death scene in which his hands get blown off. I feel like a kid all over again!

Let’s hope Blomkamp can recapture all this succulent, satirical blood and gore with his upcoming Robocop Returns.

Rare, X-rated cut of Robocop is currently streaming on Amazon Prime [Consequence of Sound]

Kyle Yadlosky
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