Anchorman 2 opening two days earlier


Just can’t wait to once again see Ron Burgundy’s glorious mustached on the big screen? Neither can we, which makes Paramount’s announcement that they’ve bumped the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues up two days is awesome. The film has moved from December 20 to December 18, giving it a nice long weekend to rake in the money. 

Paramount must have sensed a chance that people were chomping at the bit for this, since the movie doesn’t seem to be caused by any direct competition. While the holiday season is always crowded no other adult comedies are landing at the same time as Anchorman giving it pretty smooth sailing. There isn’t even a dumb action movie coming out at Christmas that it would need those extra days to avoid. The closest similar audience grabber is 47 Ronin

Strange, but no need to complain when the news is good. 

Matthew Razak
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