Anchorman director reveals details about the sequel


Anchorman director Adam McKay sat down for an interview with Hollywood Reporter, and gave fans just a glimpse into the future of Ron Burgundy. While the interview in its entirety is quite lengthy, McKay goes into detail about the struggle that he went through just to get the film the green light. 

McKay has revealed that the budget for the film will be relatively small, only $50 million, which basically means that all of the cast members will be working for very little compared to their usual fees–a true labor of love.On the subject of cast members, McKay stated that Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell are all confirmed. Even leading lady Christina Applegate may make an appearance, though with the script still in its infancy, McKay implied that her character may possibly be cut if it doesn’t suit the flow of the film.

Another interesting bit of information is that McKay stated that the film will still be sort of “in period,” like the first Anchorman, with the characters facing the changes in mainstream media. I’m personally hoping that sequel will take on the 80s. Is it overdone? Sure. But can’t you just imagine the shoulder-padded blazer-filled hilarity? And one last nugget of goodness? McKay estimates that filming should begin around February, and that a Thanksgiving release isn’t “crazy.” An Anchorman sequel by Fall 2013? I’m in.

[Via Hollywood Reporter]