Andrew Garfield loses his mind in Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake | Official Trailer HD | A24

In his follow-up to 2014’s It Follows, director David Robert Mitchell pivots to a neo-noir thriller surrounding a sudden disappearance and one man’s impulsive, conspiracy-addled search. Starring Andrew Garfield, the film portends an Illuminati-esque control over the daily mundane that many are blind to. Is he insane? Is he actually right? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle, but the idea that daily headlines or songs or a mark on a wall could be a clue is enough to keep his hope alive.  

As a director, Mitchell is certainly trying his hand at varying genres. In 2010 his debut was a comedy called The Myth of the American Sleepover, which he followed up with the aforementioned horror It Follows. The ability to successfully direct such a varying fashion of films can put a director in rarified air and avoid the pigeonhole effect, and it seems Mitchell is ready to attempt that next step with this upcoming film.

Check out the trailer above, and catch Under the Silver Lake when it hits theaters this summer. 



Nick Hershey