Andrew Garfield was totally in support of a crossover of Sony and Marvel


Response towards Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man films had been mixed at best, so it’s no surprise that when it was announced earlier this year that Marvel Studios would fold a new Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with Captain America: Civil War, many were excited at seeing the character trade production hands. This left many people wondering what was to become of Andrew Garfield since the new Peter Parker will be played by Tom Hollard? Turns out he’s pretty cool with it and he even advocated teaming up with Marvel while he was still working with Sony.

Uproxx recently interviewed Garfield about his upcoming film, 99 Homes and addressed the red and blue spandex elephant in the room. When asked how he felt about being in the audience for the next Spider-Man picture instead of on the screen, Garfield responded, saying “…I’ve been petitioning to hook up with Marvel since the beginning, so I’m really glad they’re finally doing it.”

He goes on to discuss how he had been working closely with Alex Kurtzman on writing The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and how they were ready to keep pushing Peter through some pretty dark territory, especially after what they had put him through with Gwen Stacy in the second film. Fortunately, he harbors no hard feelings about the third film being scrapped early on into production due to the deal.

“…Yeah, we got to some pretty heavy places and I was really excited to kind of explore it and be involved on the ground level like that,” he notes. “But, anyway, it wasn’t meant to be. As I say, I’m just really excited that I get to watch.”

I think we can all agree that we’re pretty excited to see what comes next, Mr. Garfield. We’re all pretty excited.