Andrew Stanton is working on a Finding Nemo sequel


Fresh off of his struggling live action effort, Andrew Stanton is officially on board with a sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo. Unfortunately, Pixar is really tight lipped as to the plot or more details of the film assuming us knowing that it is in development is notable enough. 

Is Nemo getting lost again, Pixar? That’s lame. I have a better idea. Dory gets lost thanks to her crippling Alzheimer’s disease and Marlin slowly descends into senility. To save Dory, Nemo needs to regroup with his pals from the fish tank but finds out they’re still stuck in plastic baggies and have since died from living in their own juices for too long. 

You know what? That’s lame too. Where’s my Incredibles sequel?

[via Deadline]