Angelina Jolie’s daughter is kid Aurora in Maleficent


Disney’s Maleficent, the Sleeping Beauty prequel that explains why Maleficent was mad when she wasn’t invited to a baby shower (women be crazy, am I right fellas?), has been going along smoothly for some time now. Disney announced yesterday that Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne, will play the pint-sized Princess Aurora with Elle Fanning as the “grown up” version because why not. I honestly wish I had that type of influence over people, “Hey you! Put my kid in this movie or I am so out of here!” 

Seriously though, I think the bigger news here is her hair in this flick. Well…I think that’s her hair. What kind of mousse do you think I need to get my hair to look like some mish mash of horn and turban? And if it’s not her hair, then who the heck does it belong to? I guess I’m hyped for this pre-boot now just so I could see how well her “hair” holds itself up. 

[via Collider]