Angry Birds film crashing into theaters in 2016


Is there such a thing as being “too late”? If so, chalk this news up in that column. After more than a year of little to no news, it would appear that progress is being made on the proposed Angry Birds film. It was announced today that one of the producers of Despicable Me, John Cohen, will be producing the Angry Birds film. That’s well and good, especially since the Angry Birds franchise has had some strong entries recently, including the Bad Piggies spin-off and the Star Wars tie-in.

However, the film has a target release date of 2016. While I’m a fan of Angry Birds, three years is a long time for a franchise to stick around, especially one that might already be going through market saturation with its infiltration into the candy, toy, Halloween costume, clothing markets. In addition, there’s the problem of crafting a story long enough to sustain a 90-minute feature. Then again, this is targeting families and younger audiences, so I don’t think anybody will be expecting anything too compelling.

Still, the aforementioned target audience will be three to four years older by the time this film comes out, and with trends and attention spans constantly changing for young kids, who’s to say an audience or fan base will still be around for the Angry Birds film?

[via First Showing]