Angry Birds if Guy Ritchie was in charge


While we’re still scratching our heads over how an Angry Birds movie is actually going to work the fellows over at Machinima and The Quarter Bin have figured out exactly how to make the movie: replace the birds with mostly naked women and throw in some British people. Check out the totally fake trailer for Angry Birds above and marvel in the genius of putting women in underwear and having them shoot guns. 

While clever twist on words (birds is a term used for the lady folk sometimes; keep up) makes for one heck of an enticing film I seriously doubt we’ll actually be seeing this take on the game when the movie actually comes out. I mean, this hardly looks bloody or sexually active enough. If you ask me Angry Birds should go all out NC-17. Screw the kids and appeal to the Shame audience. 

[via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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