Anne Hathaway confirms Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises


In a post-Oscars interview with Oprah Winfrey, Anne Hathaway confirmed that Catwoman will be making an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. The official annoucement of Hathaway’s casting only mentioned the character as Selina Kyle, leading to speculation that the film would set up Kyle’s decision to become her iconic alter-ego without putting her in the catsuit just yet. Mercifully, it doesn’t sound like Christopher Nolan is planning on passing up the opportunity of putting Hathaway in black leather.

Hathaway describes in the interview how she got the call to host the Oscars while waiting to hear if she’d got the Catwoman part. She certainly seems excited by the part, as should everyone else be who has seen the clip of her in the Grease parody cut from the Oscars and enjoyed the taster of her talent for elevating tight-fitting black outfits to an artform. I think a Hathaway-focused Some Like It Hot is definitely in order, but until then, enjoy a small preview after the jump of what Miss Hathaway has to offer.

[Collider, via Batman-News]