Anne Hathaway enters the Robopocalypse


Anne Hathaway is soon to grace our screens as Fantine in Les Misérables, while Steven Spielberg’s biopic Lincoln is currently partying on, dudes, in New York and LA cinemas ahead of its nationwide release this Friday. Only Keira Knightley has the actressly fortitude to handle long-term exposure to that kind of historical gumpf though, so the two are uniting on a project that will take them from the past to the distant future: Robopocalypse.

Hathaway has confirmed that she is to lead the Spielberg-lensed actioner, which is based on Daniel H. Wilson’s 2011 novel about a small group of resistance fighters trying to stop an AI called Archos from finishing its war on humanity. Unwieldy title aside, it should be trashy enough fun if Spielberg leaves out the mopey father-daughter nonsense that made War Of The Worlds a chore, and the fact the script is being written by Drew Goddard should excite all of you still convinced Cabin In The Woods had anything clever to say.

[via EMPIRE]

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