Annihilation lands a trippy first trailer

Annihilation (2018) - Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Alex Garland’s Ex Machina was some genre-pushing science fiction that will probably go down as a modern day classic, and now the director is back pushing the genre again with Annihilation. The film, based off the popular book of the same name and part of the Southern Reach trilogy, seems to be in line with the directors more thought provoking take on science fiction. 

You can’t get much of the plot out of the trailer (which is a good thing), but at its base the movie is about a team of women who enter a mysterious area called Area X. They’re not the first team to do this, but all the others that have have either died, committed suicide or killed each other. I’ve not read the books, but Garland’s work here just looks stunning. How do you capture something that is described as beyond human comprehension? Like this, it seems. 

Matthew Razak
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