Announcing: The Flixist Show!


Right, what’s all this then? Oh yeah! If you’re one of the eight people that listened to Flixist Movie Club, you may remember that the entire podcasting scene on Flixist is rebooting, and that begins today! Later this month, we will be launching The Flixist Show, hosted by myself, Max, Sean, Geoff, Dre, and Liz. We aim to talk about movies and maybe, just maybe, touch your heart. And possibly your bathing suit area. That’ll probably be Max. Dude’s crazy.

Anyway, we’ll be recording our very first show in a couple of weeks, but before we do that, I want to open up the floor to all of you, the folk that are going to listen to our basically ridiculous opinions. What do YOU guys want to hear in a weekly podcast. Netflix recommendations? More Flixist Movie Club-style focused discussions on a single movie? News discussions? Hardcore pornography?

Let us know what you’re interested in in a podcast. Remember, this isn’t specifically a call for questions for recording, but rather a forum for you to tell us what kinds of stuff you want to get from the show. We’re very excited to relaunch this, and we’ve got some cool stuff in the works for you guys as well that we can’t wait to tell you about.