Another Dragon Ball Super movie is in development


For all of you Dragon Ball Z fans out there, you may be wondering exactly when Dragon Ball Super would be continuing. Earlier this year we had the superb Dragon Ball Super: Broly rock everyone’s socks off, but there was still no update on exactly when the next installment of the franchise would be. While we still don’t have a set answer for when the series will return, we do know at least that there is another movie in development. 

Inside the packaging of Japanese physical releases of Broly was an interview done by Akio Iyoku, one of the top Dragon Ball editors at Shuisha, who confirmed that a sequel is currently in development, stating that “We are steadily preparing for the next movie.” He later goes on to say “Broly was so strong that I think the next one will probably be totally different. I’ve overcome various hurdles with parts of Broly, so I won’t get burned out.” Both of these comments were eventually supported by the producer of Broly, Norihiro Hayashida, giving them much more legitimacy.

I’m always conflicted when it comes to the plot of Dragon Ball because it’s never been the strong point of the franchise. Most of the time the plot is just a silly excuse to get two people to fight each other with over-the-top attacks and is nearly all spectacle. And that’s what most people want to see when they talk about Dragon Ball. We want to see the high flying action, which Broly undeniably delivered and is why the film became the third highest grossing anime feature film of all time. We asked for incredible action and we got it. Of course I want to see more Dragon Ball, so you better believe I’m interested in seeing what the “totally different” direction will be. Hopefully it will involve Gohan being useful again. 

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