Another reboot on the way, this time… The Terminator


Reboots are all the rage these days, especially in Hollywood. It seems like every third movie announced is a new look at an existing franchise. Rumor has it that the next reboot is thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child scandal thing. He was set to be a part of Terminator 5, but now he is not, and there clearly can be no Terminator 5 without Schwarzenegger. Megan Ellison, who owns the rights to the franchise, has decided that the series can wait for no man, even if that man is the face of the franchise, and something else will be made instead, and this something else is a reboot! Said to be in the vein of the new Star Trek (which was much more awesome than I expect this to be), the new Terminator will use alternate time lines to tell a different story (as if the film wasn’t full of stupid alternate timelines. The project will focus on a new lead who will be played by Paul Walker, who was in a bunch of The Fast and the Furious movies. Director Justin Lin, who directed a number of The Fast and the Furious films and was attached to the previous project, will helm this one as well. As far as the rumors seem to say, Schwarzenneger will also play a role in this film, so I’m not entirely sure where this whole switching from Terminator 5 to Terminator Next is coming from, but whatever.

I like it when filmmakers do new things, and I guess a reboot is better than a regular old sequel, but only time will tell how different the film is. I’m pretty much indifferent to the film. I loved the first two films (actually kind of liked the third one, ignoring the insanity that it brought to the canon), and never saw Salvation. And hell, this is all rumor. Maybe Terminator 5 is alive and kicking. I guess we’ll find out before too long.

[Via Collider]