Answer the call… eventually: Better Call Saul set to return in 2020


How silly I look now, after thinking “Does Breaking Bad really need a spin-off series? Naahh.” Four seasons into its run, I will tell you any day of the week that I think Better Call Saul is the best thing on television by miles. Though it looks like Jimmy McGill is on an extended probation from his practice.

Speaking to Vulture, Sarah Barnett, a president at AMC Networks, confirmed that a fifth season of Saul would be airing next year due to”talent needs, which [she] would not override if it would result in a worse show.” Always commendable to see care put into what is, ultimately, a product for sale.

On questions whether Saul would be coming to an end soon, she played coy, saying we were “getting closer to it,” and that the “end was already written before the beginning.” That’s the kind of thing that shows in the entire production, I feel; Better Call Saul is always steps ahead of its characters and its audience, with attention to detail and drama that feels remarkably grounded while still fueling the occasional bit of violence and comedy. The performances, direction, and look all support what I think are some of the best scripts to hit the small screen.

With the Breaking Bad movie gestating for AMC and Netflix, Vince Gilligan’s New Mexican crime saga is only getting bigger. If the film can keep up the quality of the original series and Saul, we could be looking at one of the most-consistent, interesting shared-worlds to hit in years. 

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