Ant-Man goes from holiday 2015 to summer 2015


Ant-Man appears to have made a massive release date jump. The Marvel superhero film has left the holiday blockbuster season and moved into the summer blockbuster season. The film moved from a Nov. 16, 2015 release date to a July 31, 25 release date meaning, if all pans out, it should be battling it out with Batman vs. Superman, which has a July 17 release. It’s also interesting because The Avengers: Age of Ultron is releasing that summer as well making the jump into Marvel’s Phase Three pretty damn quick.

While this does get the movie out of the way of the next James Bond film, which would most likely sap a lot of its audience, it’s a pretty risky move. While the industry is all about opening weekend Ant-Man isn’t really the top tier level of superhero that will pull people from two of the biggest comic book names there are. Then again, one could have said the same thing for Iron Man a few years back and now he’s Marvel’s cock of the walk. My guess is that both film swill end up making lots of money no matter when they release because that’s what superhero films do. 

Matthew Razak
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