Ant-Man has an alternate opening that exists


Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Ant-Man yet, but they’re not that big anyway. 

The film opens with Hank Pym quitting S.H.I.E.L.D. in a pretty prolific fashion, but that wasn’t always the original plan. Director Peyton Reed revealed that the initial scene was going to be more like a detached Bond opening action sequence starring Hank Pym as Ant-Man. 

It was basically a standalone sequence where you really did not see it was Hank Pym. He was retrieving some microfilm from this, originally Cuban general and then it because a Panamanian general… It really was designed in those early drafts to be almost like a Bond movie standalone scene in the beginning. It was going to show the powers. You never saw Ant-Man, it almost felt like an Invisible Man sequence, and it’s really, really cool.

That actually does sound super cool, and a bit risky since you’d never see the hero. It didn’t make the final cut, however, as Reed says it turned out too detached from the movie. That doesn’t make all the sense in the world considering that’s the point of the Bond-like openings, but we’ll take his word for it. It does make sense when we learn that the scene was a hold over from the Edgar Wright version of the movie and was originally going to be set in Cuba in 1960 until the time line shifted when Wright left the project. 

The exciting thing is that we could actually see this in the future. The scene was completely shot and edited so it still exists and could be released at some point. Maybe Marvel will do it as a Marvel One-Shot, which would be pretty awesome or maybe we’ll just see it on the Blu-ray. Reed isn’t saying how it will come out, but he seems pretty sure it will.

Matthew Razak
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