Ant-Man may shoot as early as the end of this year


Regardless of what you think of Ant-Man as a character (one-time wife beater) or as a collection of super-powers (ant control/getting super small IS kinda lame), there might be something wrong with you if you’re not excited for an Edgar Wright-directed superhero movie with a script from Wright and Attack the Block badass/massage therapist Joe Cornish, and we may be seeing Ant-Man sooner than we realized. Previously, when Marvel announced their Phase 2 slate at Comic-Con, lucky crowds got to see the first test footage for an Ant-Man movie with no word on when the film would actually become a reality. Now, there’s word that Ant-Man will begin shooting in London in the same studio space as Thor: The Dark World after that film wraps principle photography. As Thor is supposed to be shooting in the next month, that could potentially leave a space for Ant-Man as early as December of this year, which could put Ant-Man on track for a 2014 release alongside Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. This would be an especially good move, as it would allow Marvel to introduce whoever they’re bringing in as Ant-Man (the safe bet is Hank Pym, but I’m holding out hope that a guy like Edgar Wright would be more interested in Eric O’Grady) in time to fit him into The Avengers 2.

This, of course, leaves a very limited window for Wright to shoot The World’s End, the finale of his Blood and Ice Cream/Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, though /Film posits that Wright could potentially be planning to work on post-production for World’s End at the same time as pre-production for Ant-Man, which has technically been in development for some years to begin with. More Edgar Wright films is certainly not a bad thing, so here’s hoping this works out!

[Via /Film]