Anthony Hopkins: “There’s just no acting required here.”


I’m reporting from C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo this weekend. I just recently got out of the exclusive Chris Hemsworth/Thor Q&A panel and have some good insight to share with you over the next few days!

For now, I have a good snippet about Anthony Hopkins’ and Hemsworth’s adaptability in wearing the costume and how a comic book character (or any popular figure, in general) tends to take control of and shape how the role is portrayed on the screen:

“It’s all such an image that it made my job easier. I walked on set with Anthony Hopkins and we’re both dressed up [in] full-gear. And [we] looked at each other and shook our heads and he just said, ‘There’s just no acting required here, is there? We’ll let this do all the work’.”

Considering the legacy that comic book characters have, it’s no surprise that actors portraying them could just let the characters play themselves out. However, does this mean we won’t get to see some of Hopkins’ or Hemsworth’s acting ability play through? Of course not, but it’ll be a good thing to keep an eye on while you watch the Thor film. Let’s see what the balance between Thor and Hemsworth will actually be come May 6th.

Keep it tuned to Flixist this weekend as I get more coverage from C2E2 over the next two days!