Anthony LaPaglia leaves “out of control” Django Unchained


Anthony LaPaglia is the latest actor to leave Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. You may recall that Kevin Costner left the production last year to be replaced by Kurt Russell, who left the production with Sacha Baron Cohen earlier this year. Back in the spring, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also bailed on the western. Full disclosure: I left the film to start a Spaghetti western-themed donut shop (Donuts, You Sucker! aka A Fistful of Glazed Dynamite); I was replaced by Christoph Waltz.

LaPaglia told that he left the film to shoot Underground, a movie about Wikileaks’s Julian Assange by director Robert Connolly. The actor also said that Django Unchaned was basically unchained:

The production was just out of control, over-budget, it was everywhere. I had to formally withdraw. They recast it and they still haven’t shot anything. I could have said nothing and just hung out, I could be there shooting it now. notes that a Django Unchained producer posted online that shooting had wrapped on July 26th. Makes me wonder if Django Unchained will be ready for Christmas Day.

[ via The Playlist]

Hubert Vigilla
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