Anthony Mackie may fly as Falcon in Captain America 2


Not content to just reveal large amounts of Iron Man 3 and “Phase Two” information, Marvel revealed some casting information for Captain America: Winter Soldier at Comic-Con. Sebastian Stan is confirmed to return as Bucky — Captain America’s former sidekick who gets brainwashed and turns against him in the comics — while Anthony Mackie is rumored to play Sam Wilson, otherwise known as the Falcon. 

I really hope this is true. It would mean two things. The Marvel films will finally portray a guy with ridiculous bird wings who can telepathically communicate with birds, and Samuel Jackson won’t have to be the “token black guy” in the Avengers line up.

If Captain America: Winter Soldier leads to a more ethnically diverse Avengers sequel, then this will be the most patriotic film of all time

[via /Film via Hollywood Reporter