Apollo 18 delayed for the fifth time


Remember that film that was a found footage space horror that was supposed to come out back in March but then got pushed to April only to be pushed all the way to 2012 before returning back to August 26 2011? Well I believe once upon a time that film was called Apollo 18, and now its release date has shifted yet again from August 26th, 2011 to September 2nd, 2011 (for now).

Apollo 18, which revolved around the found footage of Apollo 18 and its “secret mission” to the moon that somehow went horribly awry, was one of those films I was very interested in despite hating the notion of “found footage” films. I was excited when I first heard the concept and then reassured when the first trailer was released, but now that it’s been shuffled a total of five times, I can’t help but feel nervous. I realize that release dates shift all the time and it’s only a week delay, but I get antsy seeing these constant delays, thinking there must be something horribly wrong with the film. Anybody else as troubled about delays as I am or am I just being neurotic?

[via /Film]