Apple may be getting into the original TV and movie game too


In the past couple of years, the purpose of content platforms has changed. Netflix was a way to watch other people’s stuff, movies and TV at your fingertips (or in your DVD player). But nowadays the exciting things on Netflix aren’t its dwindling streaming catalog but its original content. Shows like Bojack Horseman and Wet Hot American Summer justify the price of 

Amazon and Hulu have followed suit. And it sounds like we may be able to add one more company to that list: Apple. Variety reports that the company is looking into making their original shows and films, presumably ones that will be exclusive to their services. The story also makes reference to streaming, which would be an interesting step as well. Apple has jumped into the streaming ring with Apple Music, but there’s no Netflix equivalent. My guess is that nobody would buy into a show where they have to pay for individual episodes. 

So if this is true, it seems like we should expect another streaming service, which I’m not particularly excited about. But if they can pull off some really compelling original stuff, maybe I’ll give that a look too. (But probably not.)

What do you think? Are there enough streaming services already, or are you a fan of this type of competition?

[Via Variety; Photo via Forbes]