Aquaman can save the DCEU


When I first walked into the advanced screening of Aquaman here in Toronto (thank you Silver Snail Comics for your contest), I had no idea what to expect. Justice League, I had extremely high hopes for but was left severely underwhelmed sadly. You can imagine my thoughts going into Aquaman, sure it looks good but will it be good?  Can it actually save the DCEU? The answer is yes I truly believe it can. Aquaman was a truly unique DC Film in my honest opinion and I enjoyed it immensely. Even my boyfriend who is not a huge DC film fan was impressed and he is a huge Superman fan.

They seem to have gone back to their roots with storytelling and not trying to really dumb it down. Jason Momoa did a fantastic job as Aquaman and sure we had some cheesy jokes, lines and heavy on the CGI but storywise it left me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I would even agree with comparisons that it was as good as The Dark Knight.

Aquaman to date now has become the highest grossing DC film at the worldwide box office.  It made a crazy $887 million beating Batman v Superman. This was totally unexpected. Fans are clearly loving what they are seeing and finally, DC has done something right. Hopefully, the damage that has been done by the less stellar DC films I mentioned can be reversed. If DC can keep up the momentum that Aquaman has brought back there just may be hope yet.

Now we have the sequel to Wonder Woman to look forward to and I for one can not wait to see her back in action. Keep up the good work DC and fans will keep supporting you.




Tarah Bleier
Tarah Bleier is a freelance writer, editor, and content creator from Toronto, Canada. She currently actively writes for, Flixist and The Gamer. As a graduate of Centennial College’s Journalism program, she has also written for Daily Esports, Nintendo Enthusiast, PC Invasion,, .In her free time, she loves gaming, film (of course!),cosplay, Disney and Marvel, and traveling.