Archer still likes booze, women, in s9 ‘Danger Island’ trailer

Archer | Season 9: Official Trailer [HD] | FXX

FX’s original, animated spy series, Archer, is entering season 9. This will be the second season to take its beloved cast of miscreants and place them in a different setting outside the show’s normal time and setting. While season 8, titled Dreamland was a hallucinatory / fugue-state in super-spy Sterling Archer’s mind (as he lay comatose), season 9, titled Danger Island, seems to just be pure reimagining. No setup, just the same archetypal characters in a new time and place, having every kind of fun you can imagine. 

What do you think? Should Archer just do what James Bond does and keep going, drinking, killing and fucking his way through sardonic quips for all eternity, or does it need these reimagining to stay fresh?

Archer season 9 is set to air on FXX on April 25.