Are we done with the YA adaptation movies?


I don’t have to write about Jumanji this week!

Ever since Hunger Games tore through the box office every studio out there has been trying to make their own dystopian film series based off a young adult novel, and mostly the failed. Half of them never got sequels, and those that did petered out pretty spectacularly. And the last horse has finally crossed the finish line.

With The Maze Runner: The Death Cure claiming the number one spot this weekend it can claim a decent opening box office, but this trilogy has fallen pretty hard with the third film bringing in 25 percent less than its predecessor. That’s not disappointing for the studio since it was expected, but hopefully it means we’ll get a little break on the YA adaption films as studios actually look to see if a franchise has enough legs and quality to pull it through an entire trilogy. 

Oh no, wait. We’re getting a The Darkest Minds adaptation this year. 

Also, A Wrinkle in Time doesn’t count because it was written before YA was even a thing… and it’s awesome. 


1. The Maze Runner: The Death Curei – $23,500,000
2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – $16,400,000
3. Hostiles – $10,205,000
4. The Greatest Showman – $9,500,000
5. The Post – $8,850,000
6. 12 Strong – $8,635,000
7. Den of Thieves – $8,360,000
8. The Shape of Water – $5,700,000
9. Paddington 2 – $5,570,000
10. Padmaavat – $4,272,998

Matthew Razak
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