Argylle may have taken the number one spot, but it hardly did well


Looks like we’re back to the good old days of 2023. The latest Matthew Vaughn film, Argylle, opened to the number one spot at the box office this weekend but is basically a gigantic bomb. Generating only $18 million against an estimated budget of $200-250 million, this newest attempt at franchise building is completely dead before it ever took off.

While international gross can sometimes save even the biggest domestic duds, Argylle isn’t fairing any better overseas. Across 78 different markets, the film made another $17.3 million for a worldwide total of $35.3 million. At least it was number one?

That’s pretty dire, but the second-place winner fared substantially better. As a special release this weekend, Fathom Events’ season four debut of The Chosen had a limited run that combined the first three episodes into a film. Accruing $6 million, it looks as if this newest season will be a big hit for the distributor. The next three episodes are also set to get a limited theatrical run which is also likely to make a couple of extra million in revenue.

Going down the list, you can likely guess what I will say. Holdovers from previous weeks. There’s no fussing over whether or not The Beekeeper did better than Mean Girls, however, as the Statham-led action film was firmly in third. Wonka took fourth, Migration dropped to fifth, and Mean Girls fell to sixth. Considering it’s been out for a month, I don’t think The Plastics are too upset.

Here are the top 10 films for the weekend of February 2-4, 2024. All totals listed are domestic:

  1. Argylle – $18 million
  2. The Chosen: Season Four Episodes 1-3 – $6 million
  3. The Beekeeper – $5.2 million
  4. Wonka – $4.7 million
  5. Migration – $4.1 million
  6. Mean Girls – $4 million
  7. Anyone But You – $3.5 million
  8. American Fiction – $2.3 million
  9. Poor Things – $2.1 million
  10. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – $2 million
[Source] The Hollywood Reporter, The Numbers

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