Armageddon Time will be arriving soon after receiving financing


James Gray has now received a deal to finance and distribute his film, Armageddon Time, with Focus Features picking up the duties. Gray released a statement regarding the deal.

“It’s really a dream come true for me, to do this kind of personal story, and to do it for such a wonderful partner in Focus Features. I could not ask for a better home for this film,”. The Ad Astra helmer will be directing his script about a coming-of-age story based on his childhood experiences. The film is said to explore a more personal element about friendships and loyalty. With the background of the 1980 presidential election of Ronald Regan setting the stage, this setting could provide quite an interesting framing to play off of with today’s political climate.

Gray is not alone in this endeavor and has assembled quite the cast to help him tell this likely personal story. He is joined by Cate Blanchett, Robert De Niro, Oscar Issac, Donald Sutherland, and Anne Hathaway. With a cast like this, it’ll be hard to keep people away from the theaters — assuming they are open by the time this movie comes out of course. Fingers crossed. Gray has a good track record of attracting big talent to his project. Ad Astra brought in Brad Pitt and he has worked with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg on many occasions leading up to this point.

Armageddon Time will be set in New York, which, if you have seen any of Gray’s earlier work, that comes as no shock whatsoever. He has a talent for capturing an intimate look at the city which can only come from having a love and familiarity with The City that Never Sleeps.

Armageddon Time is aiming for a production start of 2021.

Source: TheWrap