Armie Hammer as Justice League movie’s Batman?


As we hinted at last month, the casting decisions for the upcoming Justice League film will only affect the JL-specific films, i.e. any direct JL sequels. Rumors have toilet swirled across the internet that The Social Network star Armie Hammer is in talks to scowl in the Batman cowl for the DC team movie. This isn’t the first time that Hammer has been rumored to play the Batmengz, as he was set to yell incomprehensible things at burglars a few years ago when the first iteration of the Justice League film was set to shoot.

Again, the problem lies in the fact that, whether or not Hammer will be a good Batman, he’ll only play the Justice League version of Bruce Wayne. If, for some very odd reason, Warner Bros. decides to reboot the Batman franchise directly after Justice League releases, we could be seeing an entirely different actor play an entirely different version of the character. Hopefully, WB figures out exactly what it wants to do with its film franchises, or else risk alienating and confusing both old and new fans alike.

[via io9]