Arnold in new Avatar-styled Terminator movie?


Alright, so take this bit of news with a HUGE grain of salt, but apparently the enthusiasm of Terminator fans can’t be stifled. After seeing what became of Terminator Salvation, fans were enraged and wanted a film that was faithful to the earlier Terminator films. Early in 2011, Universal drew up plans for a 5th Terminator sequel with Justin Lin (Fast Five) attached to direct. In May of 2011, the rights to the Terminator franchise were won by Annapurna Films, along with the power to make two more Terminator films. However, no news on the project has surfaced since then… until now.


It’s all very dicey at the moment, but there’s this production/special effects company called Hannover House that is supposedly drafting up a proposal for another Terminator movie to show Annapurna Films. The production company purportedly wants to use Avatar-styled motion capture technology for a possible animated film, since Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting a little long in the tooth these days (he’s old). Apparently even Arnold himself is in support of getting the proposed film off the ground ASAP and has even spoken with Hannover House President, Eric Parkinson, about the project, so that’s the one shred of credibility fueling this rumor. It’s a big leap in faith to put stock in any of this right now, because the bottom line is that Annapurna Films is going to do what they want with the franchise… But hopefully, the fans will actually make a difference for a change.

[Via TheArnoldFans]