Arrested Development movie has a plot…Maeby


Another day, another Arrested Development movie rumor. But wait, this one actually has new details aside from “X actor is/isn’t doing the movie because reasons”? Well butter my biscuit, this is a good day!

Screen Rant has the scoop, saying that a source close to the production of the movie had the plot explained by one of the actors. Huh. Didn’t know the cast would be that chatty when it came to the plot of a highly anticipated movie.

Check after the break for the plot synopsis, as well as my reaction to it all.

The plot goes something like this:

Ron Howard is making a movie about the Bluths using an A-List cast. But Dr. Tobias plays himself because nobody wants to play him in the movie. The Bluths decide to make their own movie in contention with Ron Howard’s.

Not exactly the movie I was expecting, but if this actually is the plot for the movie, then it fits in perfectly as an extension of the series. The second part to this rumor is that the official plot will be announced in a couple weeks. If there’s any truth to that statement, look for Flixist’s coverage in a couple week’s time.

My only concern at this point is David Cross’ size. Have you seen him lately? The guy is huge when compared to his Tobias Funke character from the show. Hopefully Hutwitz taps into that bit of comedy potential as Tobias overcompensating for something. I also figured that Maeby would have conned her way into an executive position at MGM, and that she was responsible for the studio’s near closing in real life.

What are your guys’ thoughts? Is it too late for this kind of thing, or do you think it’s about damn time?

[via Screen Rant]