Arrested Development movie will happen before Season 5


I think we can all agree that Season 4 of Arrested Development was not as good as the three that preceded it. It was still pretty good, but it lacked the comedic consistency that made the show pure goddamn gold back in the good old days. But one of the main things holding it back (the ridiculous scheduling conflicts that meant the whole family element was all but nonexistent) wouldn’t be such a problem with a film, which is a much smaller time commitment.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz has said as much, revealing that he is in the middle of writing a script that everyone is “really into,” even though it hasn’t been officially greenlit. After it happens (if it happens), he’ll be working on Season 5, but obviously that has the same potential issues that Season 4 did.

He’s got other things on his plate, though, including another project for Netflix and another movie project, so this isn’t something we’ll be seeing immediately, but it’s good to hear that the wheels are turning. Even if Season 4 wasn’t the best thing since Season 3, I want to see more of the Bluths. If it’s got to be a movie to get the whole gang back together, then I’d certainly rather it be a movie.

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