ARRI, Panavision, Aaton to cease film camera production


This really breaks my heart. Today, ARRI, Panavision, and Aaton, the three biggest manufacturers of film motion picture cameras, have announced that they will stop making film cameras and focus entirely on digital. Head honchos of those companies have said that people “…aren’t buying film cameras,” and “…the demand just isn’t there,”. Both of those facts are true. But would you really trade convenience and ease of use for a dip in quality? I know I wouldn’t. Even though ARRI and Panavision both make superb digital cinema cameras, they’ll never touch the quality of film. At least, not for several years.

I could argue the case for using film in this day and age, but that’s an argument for another post. For now, I’ll just hang my head in sorrow, and look back fondly on the times I’ve shot film. -sigh- Those were good days.

[via Collider]